Mahalo! We did it!

From learning that we were victorious in my bid for the Honolulu City Council, to spending the day talking with media, mahalo sign waving, and receiving countless congratulatory notes, I can't express my gratitude for your continued support and enthusiasm.


With supporters like yourself, our campaign for a fresh and independent voice for Honolulu City Hall resonated with 16,371 District 4 voters!

Only 47 votes separated myself and my opponent. Such a close victory reaffirms the notion that "every vote counts." Mahalo for every single person you shared our message with, every single email you sent, every single social media post you made for our campaign. You made the difference.

Mahalo again. I'm truly humbled by the outpouring of support from friends like YOU. Mahalo for being a part of our victory.



Trevor Ozawa

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