Public Safety
One of government's most important duties is ensuring the safety and well being of its people. I will be a strong supporter of ensuring that our first responders have the necessary resources to put our community’s safety and well being first. From supporting our police officers, fire fighters, to emergency response personnel, I am committed to ensuring that these men and women have the necessary resources to do their job.

With an aging population, our first responders must be resourceful and be equipped to respond to emergencies on time. Additionally, resources must be made available to families and senior citizens to help deal with a myriad of issues. I am a strong supporter of home and community based services, especially for our senior citizens. I will be a strong supporter of the City & County of Honolulu’s Elderly (EAD) Affairs Division, which provides much needed resources for our senior citizens and families.

Fiscal Responsibility
The taxes that government spends come from the pockets of everyday families.  I will be a champion of fiscal responsibility, ensuring that your tax dollars do not go to waste.

Every year, the City Council must pass a balanced budget, and oftentimes this process is lengthy and sometimes contentious. As elected representatives of the people, councilmembers must make difficult decisions in the best interest of the people. As your councilmember, I will not take this task lightly. I pledge to work for you and to fight for your interest on the council.

Honolulu's aging infrastructure requires our careful and thoughtful attention. From ensuring our sewer systems run properly to on-time trash collection to making sure potholes get filled quickly, Honolulu's infrastructure plays a big role in the quality of life.

HPOWER (Honolulu Program of Waste Energy Recovery) plays a critical role in our city achieving a sustainable energy future by converting more than 2,000 tons of waste daily into electricity to power more than 40,000 homes. I will continue to support innovative methods of disposing our waste, like HPOWER, and support increased efforts to expand our city’s curbside recycling program.

Economic Growth
Hawaii continues to be a worldwide destination for businesses and tourists. Our geographic location also plays a critical role in our nation’s security interest.

In addition to ensuring that Honolulu is a viable place to do business and an attractive vacation destination, we must invest in diversifying our economy. We must look beyond tourism and military to provide much needed quality jobs for our people.

I will be a strong supporter of the city’s Economic Development office (EDO). The Honolulu Film Office (housed within the EDO) seeks to further develop the film industry. Home to CBS’ hit show, Hawaii Five-0, and having been featured in films such as Jurassic Park and The Hunger Games, our unique environment provides countless of prime locations for numerous films.

Protecting our Environment
Preserving the beauty of our unique island home must be paramount in all policy making decisions. Our economic prosperity is dependent on Hawaii's environment. Visitors do not come to Hawaii for theme parks or casinos, they come to experience the beauty of our islands and we must always remember that. The long term impacts on our environment will always be a part of my decision making process.

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