Honolulu Council votes for long-sought Portlock beach access

"This is not only a win for our community, but for the Native Hawaiian culture who should soon have easier access to the shoreline once this process is complete.

This was never a campaign issue it was always about ensuring your legal right to access the ocean. This has been a goal of mine 4 years ago when I first got into office and it was a fight for the community for over 25 years. I was committed to getting this done and it was not easy. I am extremely happy that the City Council is moving forward with #TeamOzawa's Resolution 18-263." Trevor Ozawa


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City Keeps Funding Feral Cat Approach That Legislature Rejected

A state agency opposes the trap-neuter-return-manage strategy, but Honolulu just ponied up $300,000 for the program.

The Hawaii Legislature recently rejected a bill that would have made trap-neuter-return-manage the state’s official approach to feral cats, but the city of Honolulu is still on board with this strategy for addressing cat colonies on Oahu.

Councilman Trevor Ozawa, chairman of the council’s Budget Committee, added $300,000 to the 2019 executive operating budget to be spent on continuing the Feline Fix program. The council unanimously passed the budget in June.

“I put that in because it’s necessary since we’ve had an outstanding feral cat problem, also known as free-roaming cats, in the district and throughout the island for years now,” Ozawa said.


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Temporary changes coming to Kapiolani Boulevard contraflow

There will be changes to the Kapiolani Boulevard afternoon contraflow.

Starting July 17, the city will be doing a pilot project to allow left turns where Kapiolani Boulevard intersects with McCully Street and Atkinson Drive.

Councilman Trevor Ozawa has been urging the city to get rid of the afternoon contraflow all together.

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City changing Kapiolani Boulevard afternoon contra-flow

Beginning next week, the city will begin allowing left turns from the Kapiolani Boulevard contra-flow lane at McCully Street and Atkinson Drive for a six-month period while conducting a traffic study.

Traffic cones will be modified to allow Ewa-bound motorists to make left turns starting Tuesday, according to the city Department of Transportation Services, at the request of Honolulu Councilman Trevor Ozawa.

On Kalakaua Avenue, afternoon coning will also end, allowing left turns in the Ewa-bound direction.

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Honolulu City Council approves military property tax break

A bill giving active duty members of the military a $140 cut on their property taxes won final approval by the Honolulu City Council Wednesday despite concerns by city officials about its cost.

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Agreement reached on Aina Haina preserve

The Aina Haina community has been working toward protecting and preserving the parcel for more than two decades, East Honolulu City Councilman Trevor Ozawa said in a news release announcing the purchase and sale agreement Friday.

“We are one step closer to ensuring that this land is never developed, and I am inspired to see that government agencies, private nonprofits and the community can work together toward a successful outcome,” Ozawa said.


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