City changing Kapiolani Boulevard afternoon contra-flow

Beginning next week, the city will begin allowing left turns from the Kapiolani Boulevard contra-flow lane at McCully Street and Atkinson Drive for a six-month period while conducting a traffic study.

Traffic cones will be modified to allow Ewa-bound motorists to make left turns starting Tuesday, according to the city Department of Transportation Services, at the request of Honolulu Councilman Trevor Ozawa.

On Kalakaua Avenue, afternoon coning will also end, allowing left turns in the Ewa-bound direction.

The morning contra-flow coning on Kapiolani and Kalakaua will not be affected.

“Removing the left turn restrictions at both McCully Street and Atkinson Drive will improve access into Waikiki and Ala Moana for westbound travelers,” said Ozawa in a news release. “Traffic patterns and the amount of traffic has changed since 1952 when the Kapiolani Boulevard contraflow lane was first implemented.

“Contraflow lanes are normally put in place to provide relief during major road construction project time periods, but in this case never went away. I believe this study will provide valuable traffic flow information for the city.”

The following changes will be implemented next week; click here for a map.


>> Afternoon contra-flow coning on Kapiolani will be eliminated from Atkinson to McCully. Left turns will be allowed at McCully and Atkinson during peak afternoon periods. This modification is scheduled to last through the end of December, barring the development of adverse traffic conditions.

>> Afternoon coning on Kapiolani from Ward Avenue to Atkinson will remain the same.


>> Afternoon coning on Kalakaua will be terminated. Left turns from Kalakaua in the Ewa-bound direction will be allowed during the afternoon.

>> Traffic signal phasing at McCully, Atkinson and Kalakaua will operate the same as regular, noncontra-flow hours during the day.

DTS will collect and evaluate relevant data during the modification period to capture traffic conditions while public and private schools and the University of Hawaii are in session.

"City changing Kapiolani Boulevard afternoon contra-flow" - Star Advertiser | July 10, 2018

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