First elected to the Honolulu City Council in 2014, Trevor has been a committed, passionate, and responsive advocate for District 4 residents. A district that spans from Ala Moana to Hawaii Kai, it also includes Waikiki - the epicenter of Hawaii’s tourism industry - as well as gems such as the Honolulu Zoo, Diamond Head State Monument, as well as the quaint and diverse communities of Kaimuki, Diamond Head, Kahala, Aina Haina, Kuliouou, and Portlock.

Since becoming Chairperson of the Budget Committee in March of this year, Trevor has been a steadfast advocate for fiscal responsibility and accountability in government. He’s opposed all increases on taxes and fees and opposed the creation of new fees (e.g. trash fee, bulky item pick up fee), as proposed by the City Administration to balance the budget. Furthermore, he’s opposed to using property taxes for rail construction.

Since day one, Trevor has been a passionate advocate for District 4 residents. These are some additional highlights of Trevor’s accomplishments during his first term on the Honolulu City Council:

  • Initiated and successfully secured the passage of Bill 110 (2017) that secured a moratorium on monster houses that have proliferated throughout Honolulu.
  • Successfully fought against the closure of the Hawaii Kai Satellite City Hall
  • Fighting to maintain public beach access in Portlock and initiated condemnation lawsuit action against the homeowner seeking to bar surfers and beach goers from accessing the beach.
  • Convened a Waikiki Visitor Public Safety Conference in February 2018 in conjunction with the Hawaii Lodging & Tourism Association to address increased crime activity in Waikiki.
  • Created Waikiki Beach Special Improvement District to combat beach erosion.
  • Created the Waikiki Transportation Management Association to address growing concerns with parking, congestion, and transportation rules and regulations.

The following are a couple of the bills that Trevor introduced that have become ordinances:

  • Bill 24 (2015) - Establishes a program in connection with the public transit system to improve the mobility of Honolulu residents by providing support and regulation to car-sharing organizations.
  • Bill 45 (2015) - Requires the inclusion of baby diaper-changing accommodations in new establishments or those that undergo substantial renovation.
  • Bill 66 (2015) - Provides real property tax exemptions for homeowners in the event that their primary residence is renovation.  

The following are capital improvement project highlights:

  • Secured over $6.5 million for Honolulu Zoo improvements.
  • Secured $3 million for the plans, design, and construction improvements for the repaving of the Kaimuki Municipal Parking Lot.
  • Secured $2.5 million for the preservation of the Ka Iwi Coast Mauka lands.
  • Secured $1.5 million for the Diamond Head Hillside Erosion Mitigation Project (planning and design of assessing the stability of the hillside along Diamond Head Road).
  • Secured $1 million for the acquisition of land for the preservation of Kanewai Springs in Kuliouou.
  • Secured $500,000 to provide planning and design funds to complete the Environmental Impact Statement and State Historic Preservation consultation for the Waikiki War Memorial Complex.
  • Secured $53,500,000 for Flood Control Improvements at Various Locations

For a complete list of accomplishments for Trevor & Team Ozawa click here: 2015 - 2016; 2017 & 2018

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