2015-2016 Team Ozawa Accomplishments

Ordinances 2015

  • Ordinance 15-10/Bill 81 - Allow shoreline improvement, restoration, and protection projects to be provided and financed by a special improvement.
  • Ordinance 14-6/Bill 82 - Created the Waikiki Beach Special Improvement District.
  • Ordinance 15-35/Bill 24 - Established support and regulation of car-sharing organizations in the City and County of Honolulu.
  • Ordinance 15-38/Bill 45- “London Bill” – Baby Diaper-Changing Accommodations Amended the Building Code to require baby diaper-changing accommodations for specific new, and substantially modified establishments and uses. Baby diaper-changing accommodations would be required at each floor level containing restrooms open to the public, and accommodations must be available for men and women.

Resolutions 2015

Resolution 15-80 (2015) Urging the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation to televise its meetings via Olelo or other publicly accessible media.

Ordinances 2016

  • Ordinance 16-3/Bill 77 (2015) Relating to real property tax exemptions for homes (introduced by AK, CMO)
  • Resolution 16-180 Granting a Special Management Area Use Permit and shoreline setback variance for the Hoakalei master plan update improvements project. (Introduced)
  • Haseko-related bills: Ordinance 16-27 Bill 62 (2015); Ordinance 16-28 (Bill 63, 2015)

Resolutions 2016

Resolution 16-6 Approval of Kapiolani Residence Affordable and Market Rate Condominium Project (Introduced)

Resolution 16-007 Urging the city to include funds in the Fiscal Year 2016 – 2017 executive program and budget to assist in the restoration and revitalization of the Mohandas K. Gandhi statue and its immediate surrounding area. (Introduced)

Resolution 16-008 Urging the Hawaii State Legislature to enact legislation directing the State Department of Health to adopt administrative rules for the establishment and enforcement of residential and commercial noise standards. (Introduced)

Resolution 16-54 Resolution proposing an amendment to Chapter 21, Revised Ordinances of Honolulu 1990 (the land use ordinance), as amended, relating to joint development. (Introduced)

Resolution 16-092 Requesting an update from the City’s Department of Enterprise Services regarding the Honolulu Zoo Parking lot operations. (Introduced)

Resolution 16-164 Requesting the city auditor to perform a comprehensive management and performance audit of the Honolulu Ethics Commission. (Introduced)

Resolution 16-198 Urging the Department of Transportation Services to consider removing the afternoon peak traffic hours contraflow lane on Kapiolani Boulevard and explore alternate options to deal with congestion on this important arterial roadway. (Introduced)

Resolution 16-208 Urging the city and state administrations to find solutions to allow consistent cleanup and enforcement operations for the sidewalks and other pedestrian facilities of Ala Moana Boulevard near its intersection with Atkinson drive. (Introduced)

Resolution 16-212 Urging the city administration to replace all city-operated coin-only parking meters with smart meters. (Introduced)

Resolution 16-217 Strongly urging the city administration to develop an immediate action plan to address the homeless encampment under the H-1 Freeway in Kahala. (Introduced)

Resolution 16-237 Relating to the inclusion in the 2017 Hawaii State Association of Counties legislative package of a proposal that would mandate the State Department of Health to adopt and implement administrative rules to enforce residential and commercial noise standards. (Introduced)

Community Projects/Initiatives:

  • Koko Head Crater Stables: Worked with community stakeholders to urge the City Administration to maintain operation of the Koko Head Crater Stables, a gem of our community.
  • Hawaii Kai Satellite City Hall/HPD substation: Urging the City Administration to retain the location of the Hawaii Kai Satellite City Hall and HPD substation. Also urged accountability and transparency by the City Administration in its communication with the City Council and Hawaii Kai residents about the future of the satellite city hall and HPD substation.
  • Honolulu Zoo Working Group: Continue working with stakeholders in identifying improvements for the zoo and the development of long-term solutions to address deficiencies and inadequacies, particularly after the zoo lost accreditation in 2015.
  • Envision Kaimuki: Continue supporting community’s grassroots efforts in envision the future of historic Kaimuki.
  • Hosting Sharon Lee, exploring Hygiene Centers for Honolulu: Explored and investigated hygiene centers as a possible project for Honolulu. Working with colleagues and stakeholders, flew in Sharon Lee, Executive Director of the Low Income Housing Institute of Seattle, Washington to engage local community leaders in pursuing hygiene centers a reality for Honolulu and Hawaii.
  • The Future of Royal Hawaiian Groin: Worked with Waikiki stakeholders and community members to repair/replace the Royal Hawaiian Groin.
  • Waikiki Recovery Planning Workshop: Supported and engaged in efforts in the Waikiki Recovery Planning efforts. This group seeks to engage stakeholders (Waikiki/hospitality leaders, government leaders, commercial and nonprofit entities) to identify a protocol in the event of a natural disaster.
  • Kanewai Spring Site Visit: Engaged with community leaders and members about the future of Kanewai Spring, located in East Honolulu. Successfully helped to secure $1 million from the Clean Water & Natural Lands Commission.
  • Hokulei Project: Engaged with community leaders and members about the proposed Hokulei Project. Engaged developers and project representatives with community members to discuss concerns related to the project.


  • Taiwan Young Leaders Group - Pursuant to Resolution No. 16, 274, selected to represent the Honolulu City Council to participate in the “2016 Young American Leaders Delegation” in a trip to Taiwan from November 13 to November 19.
  • NACO - Attended and participated in the 2016 National Association of Counties’ annual conference in Los Angeles, California.
  • NACO LUCC - As an appointed member of the Large Urban County Caucus, participated in ongoing activities and deliberations related to the organization.
  • WBIDA - Participate in the ongoing affairs of the Waikiki Business Improvement District Association.
  • WBSIDA - Participate in the ongoing affairs and deliberations of the Waikiki Beach Special Improvement District Association. One of the main projects of the WBSIDA is the ongoing Royal Hawaiian Groin Improvement Project.

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